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Addi Click Interchangeable
Addi 8″ circular sock needles (sizes 0-5)
Addi Flexiflips (sizes 0-11)
Addi Rockets (all sizes; lace point)
Addi Turbo (all sizes)
Amour Crochet hooks (all sizes)
Ball winders
Bead markers – hand crafted
Blocking wires – 3 types
Bonnie Bishoff shawl pins
Brittany wood double points
Bullenbees lotion
Buttons – huge selection
Cable needles
Clover brands
Crochet hooks (sizes A – U)
Crystal Palace Bamboo double points
Highlighter Tape
Jul Design Shawl Pins
Knit Tote Organizer
Knitter’s Pride Karbonz double points (0-4 in stock; can order any size you need)
Lace looms
Licken Flames Shawl pins
Markers – all sizes
Needles – all sizes, including 50 & 100
Needle cases – knit and crochet
Needle felting supplies and roving
Point protectors
Pom Pom = fur snap on
Pom Pom = nylon
Pompom maker
Scarf pins – hand made
Shawl pins and sticks – handcrafted
Slipper bottoms – suede
Sock blockers
Stitch holders – all sizes; circular
Tape measures
Trigger crochet hooks (large handles)
Tunisian Crochet Hooks
Wool wash – Eucalan
Wooly boards – beautifully handcrafted
Yarn bobs
Yarn Snugglers